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Mannheim, Germany’s most compact metropolitan region, must continue to grow and develop as a multifaceted, tolerant, and colourful city. The achievement of this central municipal goal is essentially dependent on a target-oriented and systematic controlling concept. For this purpose, the Strategic Controlling Office has been installed within the Mayor’s central department as a result of the "Strategic Controlling" project. The task of this office is the administration and ongoing development of the controlling system, coordinating the municipal activities within the scope of the general strategy with the ultimate aim of sustainably securing the city’s future viability. The basis for the guidance of the operations of the Strategic Controlling office are the goals formulated in the general strategy, from which the key areas of activity of the departments and the management targets of the individual service offices have been derived.

The following areas of responsibility are established in the Strategic Controlling office:

The office is the service unit for the departments and all agencies, companies, and departments owned or operated by the city.

  • Controlling
    Control, ongoing development of the target system including KPIs
  • Strategic Urban Development
    Strategy development, sustainability monitoring, charter management, ranking management, global sustainability
  • Project Migrants4Cities
  • Localization of the SDGs

The Management Target System can also be seen in the budgetplan.

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