Rankings and Competitions

The City of Mannheim is listed in various rankings. These are a tool for ranking or atlas presentations of the quality and performance of cities and regions (based on the rankings). Rankings can be regarded as a simplified representation of complex interrelationships of municipal and social structures as well as of the performance and quality level of municipalities. It is possible that high-profile city rankings could be of significance for companies and their location decisions, but also for the decision of potential new citizens to move to the city. A completely valid presentation of the respective city qualities through rankings is not possible.

City rankings list cities based on many criteria. The calculation models are often only partially disclosed. As a rule, it is possible for the Mannheim city administration to understand the respective results to a large extent and, if necessary, to refute them in individual cases. Rankings can provide indications of weaknesses and thus a signal for action in the areas concerned. At the same time, they can underline the strengths and impact of municipal action. In some cases, rankings can serve as a benchmark and provide information on where the listed municipalities stand in comparison to others (insofar as they are objectively comparable, e.g. by virtue of approximately similar population sizes).

With regard to the overall strategy of the City of Mannheim, certain rankings on economic strength, family friendliness, education, sustainability and culture are relevant and are monitored and, if necessary, analysed by the ranking management. The ranking management of the City of Mannheim is located in the Strategic Control Department of the Lord Mayor's Department. Thanks to interdepartmental cooperation under the leadership of the Strategic Steering Committee, since 2011 there have been timely reactions to the economic ranking Capital/Feri (2011), the level and dynamics ranking WirtschaftsWoche (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), as well as to the sustainability ranking of WirtschaftsWoche (2012), the Berenberg city ranking (2015) and the cultural city ranking of Berenberg Bank (2012, 2014).

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