The City of Mannheim has signed various international charters and drawn up concepts and action plans in various thematic areas which are derived from these international commitments and on which the City of Mannheim bases its municipal sustainability activities. In addition, there are various guidelines of national and international institutions which commit the City of Mannheim to sustainability. Within the framework of charter management, strategic management identifies the corresponding content as strategic sustainability management of the City of Mannheim and bundles the measures derived from it under the topic complex of holistic sustainability. This provides an overview of how the City of Mannheim deals with sustainability, how the sustainability sectors can be assigned to the respective charters, and which measures have already been completed and which are currently being implemented. The eight strategic goals and the effect-oriented management target system of the City of Mannheim reflect municipal sustainability as a constantly developing overall process. Individual priorities such as citizen participation, climate protection and the strengthening of sustainable mobility originate from Local Agenda 21.

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