Mannheim is Fairtrade-Town

Basic ethical values do not stop at the EU's external borders. Since 2009, the Fairtrade Campaign, which campaigns for fair wages and working conditions in the countries of origin and production of the food and clothing consumed here on a daily basis, has been pointing this out. Fairtrade Towns promote Fair Trade and are the result of a successful network of people from civil society, politics and business who are committed to Fair Trade in their home countries.

The city of Mannheim has already started a Fairtrade-Town process in 2010 and is specifically committed to fair trade at the municipal level. In 2012, the square city was awarded the title "Fairtrade-Town" for this. As a result of the successful work of the Fairtrade-Town steering committee, which was set up by the city administration and the One World Forum Mannheim specifically for the design of the corresponding overall process, the award was again presented to Mannheim in 2014 and has been valid for four years since then. Then the criteria for the title are checked again.

The central body for shaping the ongoing process to further strengthen and improve fair trade in Mannheim is the Fairtrade-Town steering committee, coordinated within the city administration by the Lord Mayor's Department in cooperation with the Eine-Welt-Forum Mannheim e.V. as a civil society partner organisation. The committee is made up of experts from the administration as well as people involved in civil society and acts as a municipal competence platform for the topic of fair trade. It initiates projects, accompanies the process in Mannheim and ensures a professionally sound quality assurance for municipal competition entries and with regard to templates of the administration to be communicated to the municipal council.