Children, young people, families and senior citizens

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    Dr. Peter Schäfer

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    Department of children, young people and families – Youth Welfare Office

    R 1, 12

    68161 Mannheim

    Telephone: 0621 293-9964


    Senior Citizens’ Office

    K 1, 7-13


    68159 Mannheim

    Telephone: 0621 293-3446


    Department of education (school, after-school care centres)

    E 2, 15

    68159 Mannheim

    Telephone: 0621 293-3676

Our offers and services for children, young people, families and senior citizens are divided into several departments.

You will be provided with direct information and contact persons of the departments concerned under the keywords on the left-hand side.

Children, young people and families:

For all matters concerning children, young people and parents you have to contact the department Children, Young People and Families. Whether you are looking for a place in a kindergarten for your child or want to look after a foster child, whether you have got questions concerning maintenance or need advice on how to raise your children, we are there for you.
Whenever you need help, feel free to contact us.
Telephone: 0621 293-9964

Senior citizens:

The employees of the Senior Citizens’ Office are ready to offer advice and assistance in all areas important to you.
Senior Citizens’ Office Telephone: 0621 293-3446


Important information in the area of education, e.g. schools in Mannheim, child-care services in after-school care centres and much more, is provided in the department of education under the keyword "EDUCATION"
Telephone: 0621 293-3676