Schedule of the event

20 October 2017

Launch of the Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Triniatis church and City Hall (Rathaus) E5, Mannheim

The Urban Thinkers Campus 2017 is opening with a celebratory program in the Trinitatis church. Mayor Dr Peter Kurz and other honourable members will present a welcoming speech and keynotes. The program is accompanied by an artistic performance with dancing and music. There a reception for all event guests in the city hall (Rathaus) E5 directly next door afterwards (Foyer).


6:30 pm    

7:00 pm     
Welcoming speech by Mayor Dr Peter Kurz (City of Mannheim)
Welcoming Speech by Dr  Christine Auclair (World Urban Campaign)
Welcome Speech by Johanne Bouchard (United Nations)
Keynote by Francis Kéré

8:30 pm    
Concert and Dancing from Komitas Vartapet - Six Dances, Keiko Shichijo / Dance company: Eric Trottier

9:30 pm    

9:45 pm
Reception and Get-Together in City Hall (Rathaus) E5 (around five minutes away)

21 October 2017

Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Conference Day 1, Stadthaus N1, Mannheim


Urban Thinkers Campus 2017 will start at 9:00 h on Saturday 21 October 2017, at Stadthaus N1. Entrance will be at 8:00 h. Nine Urban Labs and more modules will be the platforms where Mannheim’s citizens will discuss about current topics of sustainable urban development with international and local experts. Please find further information about the Urban Labs and about the experts in the weblinks in our program below.


8:00 am
Doors Open

9:00 am
Opening Note Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz (City of Mannheim), Opening Note Dr Christine Auclair (World Urban Campaign), Opening Note Prof Dr Martina Löw (TU Berlin)

10:00 am
Working Session 1: Five Urban Labs, one Workshop

12:30 pm
Lunch Break

1:30 pm
Working Session 2: Four Urban Labs and Multihalle Special Panel

4:00 pm
Coffee Break

4:30 pm 
Overview of the results with Charles Landry, commented by Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz (City of Mannheim) and Dr Christine Auclair (World Urban Campaign)

5:00 pm
Plenary Discussion with Charles Landry

6:00 pm
Get Together

22 October 2017

Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Conference Day 2, Stadthaus N1, Mannheim


Urban Thinkers Campus 2017 will continue discussing and working on Sunday, 22 October 2017. The base of this session will be the results of conference day 1. Entrance will be at 8:30 h. The discussions will start at 9:30. Urban Thinkers Campus 2017 will be closed at 14:00 h.


8:30 am
Doors Open

9:30 am
Welcome and Overview of Conference Day 1 with Charles Landry

10:00 am
Further work on results and identification of perspectives for „Mannheim 2030“

12:00 o'clock
Coffee Break and Snacks

12:30 pm
Final Plenary Session and advices regarding the further role model process „Mannheim 2030“ by Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz

2:00 pm
End of Urban Thinkers Campus 2017