Günther Koegst

Work experience


Dates (from – to)


1995 - today

Name and address of employer


SOKRATES - Scientific Services, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 17 –  68169 Mannheim

Type of business or sector


  • Organization of further training programmes, seminars and study tours, esp. for international target groups (focal area:  Vocational Education and Training - VET)
  • Lecturing in the field of VET (focus on methodology, role of enterprises, evaluations)
  • Training in communication and moderation techniques
  • Moderation of workshops
  • Elaboration of studies in the educational sector 

Occupation or position held


Managing Director

Main activities and responsibilities


Altogether since 1984: Organization and coordination of approx. 400 advanced training programs and study visits, esp. for inter­national groups, incl. lecturing, moderation, evaluation, documentation. Main topic: vocational education and training. Subtopics: organization of VET, methods in VET as well as further education and training, project method; project management; school development and quality management in VET, establishing contacts and communication to industry, communication and networking between public and private sec-tor; VET from the perspective of enterprises and entrepreneurs; role and tasks of the Chambers in VET incl. the factor of quality assurance.


Seminars for German participants: organization, lecturing, moderation. Main topic: com-munication and behaviour -> how to treat difficult clients (in team teaching using role games); further topics: moderation techniques, participatory methods in further education and training, team development and management.


Tasks within the last years based on co-ordination and moderation:

  • 2009 – 2016: 5 trainings in ‘moderation techniques’ for specialized and leading staff of the municipality of Mannheim and students of the faculty ‚Educational Sciences‘ at the University of Heidelberg
  • 2011: Moderation of the Best-Agers-Mid-Term-Conference in St. Petersburg / Russia within the framework of EU-Best-Agers-Projects
  • 2012/13: Preparation and moderation of 10 open-space-workshops with groups of up to 150 participants within the framework of the innovation and restructuring process ‚change²‘ of the municipality administration in Mannheim
  • 2012 – 2017: Lecturing and subject-related moderation of advanced training units, field visits transfer discussions and evaluations for approx. 40 international further training delegations in the field of vocational training from Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Mozambique, PR China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Columbia, El Salvador and Honduras
  • December 2014: Moderation of an international workshop for the Central Asian Education Platform CAEP in Bishkek / Kirgistan: Future-oriented demands related to activities in the field of ‚employment‘
  • March 2015: Moderation of several international workshops für die Central Asian Education Platform CAEP in Istanbul/Türkei: Concretisation of future-oriented demands in the field of ‚employment‘. Additionally: documentation of the work results as prepara-tion of a Communiqué for the Conference of Ministers of Education from the EU and the Central Asian Republics in Riga, 25. - 26. June 2015
  • 2015 and 2016: Moderation of „Workshops for reaching the objectives“ of 10 Work Departments of the municipality of Mannheim

additionally: 5 workshops for the cross-over unit ‘Strategic Steering’ of the municipality of Stadt Mannheim

additionally: 1st half of 2016: Moderation von 7 innovation and staff participation work shops within the framework of the budget consolidation project ‚SHM²‘ 

  • January 2017: Coordination and subject-related moderation of the study tour “Dual Vocational Training in Germany – for South African TVET Colleges implementing the Dual System Pilot Project’ on behalf of GIZ Republic of South Africa and GIZ Hanover
  • July 2017: Coordination and subject-related moderation of ‚Study Tour related to the Dual System of Vocational Education in Germany and Switzerland‘ for the Panjin Voca-tional Training College / PR China on behalf of GIZ Magdeburg