Christian Felber

Christian Felber is a popular lecturer in Germany and abroad, author of many books and freelance dancer. Born in Salzburg in 1972, he studied Spanish, psychology, sociology and political science in Madrid and Vienna, where he lives today. Regular commentaries in numerous Austrian and international media.  Book publications: "50 Proposals for a Fairer World. Against Corporate Power and Capitalism" (Deuticke 2006, 8th edition); "New Values for the Economy. An Alternative to Communism and Capitalism" (Deuticke 2008, 3rd edition); "Cooperation instead of Competition: 10 Steps to get out of the Crisis" (Deuticke 2009); "Economy for the Common Good “ (Deuticke 2010, second new addition 2014, total international circulation of 70,000 books). The book "Money. The New Rules of the Game" won the economic book of the year in 2014. Lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He initiated the setting up of the "Economy for the Common Good" and the "Cooperative Society for the Common Good" project.