Christian Specht (Mayor of the City of Mannheim)

First Deputy Mayor of Mannheim
Christian Specht was born on 20 July 1966 in Mannheim; he is married and has two daughters.
After his studies of law, political science and environmental science and passing both state examinations in law he worked for the chair of Professor Emeritus Helmut Steinberger, Federal Constitutional Court justice. He then studied and volunteered in the department of law for the United Nations in Geneva, the US-Senate in Washington as well as at The Hague Academy of International Law in Den Haag. Thereupon followed a postgraduate interdisciplinary study „Business organisation and entrepreneurship in accordance with German, European and international law“ which was promoted by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation).

He changed to become a consultant for economic and regional development for the Rhine-Neckar Spatial Development Association (ROV) in 1997. As of 2001 he was the ROV-director and in charge of the Rhine-Neckar Spatial Development Association, the Rhine-Neckar-Odenwald Regional Association as well as the Rhineland-Palatinate Planning Department. He initiated the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar and negotiated a new state contract with the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate for the foundation of the transboundary European Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar. After the realignment of the regional administrative structure Mr. Specht changed to the administration of the city of Mannheim where he was elected as Mayor responsible for finance, property, citizens’ services and security.
The council of the city elected him to be First Deputy Mayor of Mannheim on 1 September 2007.

Mr. Specht is the chairperson of the special purpose association for public transport in the Rhine-Neckar region (ZRN) since 2010.
He is also a member of the financial committee of the German association of cities and the financial committee of the association of cities of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.