Urban Lab - Social Entrepreneurship and Economy for the Common Good, Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Town Hall N1, Room Swansea

Due to the driving force of rapid globalisation many people are faced with the question as to whether a pure success-oriented mentality and the constant striving for material gain are the correct levers for a fulfilled and sustainable life. Today, companies are demonstrating more corporate social responsibility (CSR). Alternative accounting models such as the common good balance sheet do not measure success solely on the basis of financial yardsticks but refer to an increase in the common good through its economic activity. The City of Mannheim is also addressing the topic of the common good in terms of qualitative growth of the city. This means value added in social and economic through to ethical consumption matters that can be reflected in an enhanced quality of life for urban society. Besides the subjective perception of satisfaction through to the subjectively experienced well-being of citizens a further theme is the common good in the economic context. How can a sustainable city also develop common good strategies by means of stronger implementation approaches? What role do companies and parties involved play that link their economic power to an approach based on the common good. Do cities need more "social entrepreneurs" and how can their needs be integrated in urban processes through the sustainable management of communities?

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