Susanne Kammer


Since graduating in political sciences, sociology and philosophy at the Heidelberg Ruprecht-Karls University in 2011 Susanne Kammer has managed the Eine-Welt-Forum Mannheim e.V. (EWF) agency.
The focal points of the work carried out by the local network of Mannheim one world players are fair trade, global learning, migrant participation and post-colonialism,  interculture, sustainable public procurement as well as campaign and solidarity work on topics related to development policy.
The "Zukunft an Bord - Hafenfahrten zu Nachhaltigkeitsthemen" (Future on board - port tour on sustainability topics)" project received the Baden-Württemberg One-World Award in 2016.  EWF will open the new "global learning centre" on Benjamin Franklin at the end of 2017.