Prof Dr Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann

Following management experience gained in the German banking industry he successfully obtained his doctorate at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he also worked as a research assistant and lecturer. He moved to an organisation in Budapest affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Marketing as the marketing course director. He was subsequently appointed as Assistant Professor of Marketing at the International Centre in Budapest and its contractual consultant. He held various posts at the University of Liechtenstein, including Academic Director of Private Banking, member of the management team of the Institute for Financial Services and Head of the International Management Competence Centre as part of the Institute for Entrepreneurship. From 2006 he was employed as Associate Professor of Marketing at Nicosia University, where he also became a full professor in February 2013. Since 1.2.2016 he has been Professor for International Sales Management at the Mannheim University of Applied Management Studies and is head of the management & corporate management degree programme.
Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann was the co-founder of three international research centres ( (CIRCLE/Consumer Behaviour, EuroMed Research Business Institute/Management & Entrepreneurship and Consumer Brand Relationship Association) and President (CIRCLE) and Vice President (EuroMed Research Business Institute – to the present day) as well as Board member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Global Marketing Special Interest Groups (SIG) (2012- 2016). As a member of these organisations he organised/co-organised numerous international conferences. As the supervisor of postgraduate students he successfully supported 11 PhDs (Doctor of Philosophy) and 4 DBAs (Doctor of Business Administration) at English universities and Nicosia University. He is a member of the Board of Editors of several academic journals and reviewer of other journals. He is also Associate Editor of the World Review Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development Journal. He has written/edited 14 books, 6 electronic books and numerous articles in internationally respected academic journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Management Decision or Industrial Marketing Management. As Visiting Professor he visits the International Management Centre at Vilnius University/Lithuania and Vitez University/ Bosnia-Herzegovina and was/is guest lecturer at other colleges of higher education and universities. He developed and co-initiated numerous nationally funded research projects and participates in global congresses as a guest speaker.