Urban Lab - Urban Development, Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Town Hall N1, Council Chamber

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and its 17 global sustainability goals, the sustainable development goals, includes a central objective for the range of issues relating to urban development in goal 11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities". How do cities worldwide rise to the challenges of climate change, new forms of urban mobility, new forms of housing and variants of social co-habitation. How can the relevant planning processes be structured in a sustainable manner? What does this all mean for Mannheim? How can existing buildings of great cultural importance and with an identity-shaping function be integrated into sustainable urban development processes and their function satisfy the social patterns that are changing in the context of globalisation? Where do new urban milieus stand, in which diversity is also a central theme? Mannheim is on the way to developing green belts on an urban scale and is working intensively at the same time on the architectural "wonder of the world" multi-purpose hall.  Are these two projects possible keys to new sustainable urban development in the context of the SDG?

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