Gina Schöler

Gina Schöler, born in 1986, Minister for Happiness  – trainer, speaker and coach
in the field of happiness, lifestyle and contentment, author ("The little piece of happiness would like to be picked up", published by Campus).
Gina Schöler manages the nationwide "Minister for Happiness and Well-being" initiative in order to encourage people via colourful actions and a range of offers such as workshops and lectures to become active and jointly develop gross national happiness. She invites you to become part of this positive movement everyday, as equals and with  lots of fun. She calls for a change in thinking and actions in various creative ways: how do you want to live? What really counts and what makes up happy?
Ned babbeln, mache – as a dyed-in-the-wool "Monnemerin" doer and passionate improver of the world she invented her own profession: Minister of Happiness.
Through many years of experience as a communications designer she knows how creative solutions are generated and complex issues are dealt with. For her, design also means working towards a better society and a good and successful life for everyone.
Due to tangible approaches that are fun and can be immediately transferred into everyday (working) life she has fascinated thousands of people, companies , educational institutions and even Federal Ministries over a period of years throughout  Europe.