Mannheim is an emotional city which offers many various facets and nice locations. This is exactly what film makers have perceived for some years now. Due to ideal shooting conditions and the open-mindedness of the citizens, the city is enjoying more and more popularity as a film set.
However, Mannheim is more than only a film set. It is also the home of the fourth oldest film festival worldwide, the “International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg“.

Mannheim is also creative. This is proven by a very lively short film scene with no less than 3 different festivals, an international advertising film festival, a VJ conference and a festival for visual art.

Although there is no film academy in Mannheim, the promotion of young talents plays an important role. By promoting the festivals and targeted support of projects on the basis of funds provided by the Cultural Office, the city offers young film makers and artists a perspective, that is, to be able to place their existence on a solid footing in the long run.

Questions concerning promotion, arrangements, counselling and location management will be answered by the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region FilmCommission in the Cultural Office.

Following you will find a list of the current programmes of the local cinemas: