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    Children and youth work in the associations and clubs promotes the cultural education of the future generations, contributes to passing on our cultural heritage and also forms the future concert- and theatregoers as well as museum visitors. Therefore, it is important for Mannheim to keep on maintaining and promoting their work.

    The City of Mannheim grants financial support according to the guidelines for the promotion of cultural associations and activities to a lot of associations and clubs.

An important part of Mannheim’s cultural life is taking place in the associations and clubs. Numerous choirs, music societies, cultural associations and local history clubs are a clear indication that people in Mannheim do not only consume art and culture but want do make music and be creative and artistic themselves – and that is what they are. They form the basis on which the diversity and attractiveness of Mannheim’s cultural landscape develops. The many associations and clubs create the awareness that theatre, dance, music, fine arts, literature and not least the knowledge of the local history and environment considerably contribute to the quality of life and that they are an indispensable part of successful life planning.