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    Fachbereich Vielfalt, Internationales und Protokoll
    Commissioner for Integration and Migration

    Claus Preißler

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    Mannheim Declaration

    "The more than 400-year history of the city of Mannheim is predominantly characterised by a spirit of openness and tolerance. Again and again migrants – among them also numerous religious refugees – became convinced Mannheim citizens who mark the character of the city. This line of tradition which is also binding for and providing orientation in our city must be preserved and continued especially against the background of phases of intolerance and cultural rupture."

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People from 170 nations live in Mannheim, 43 percent of the residents of Mannheim have a migration background – Mannheim is a “Colourful City“ in which cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance have been lived since the foundation of the city.


Mannheim wants to be an example of living together in metropolises. To stress this, the main committee and the municipal council have unanimously adopted the “Mannheim Declaration“. This declaration establishes the spirit of openness, tolerance and understanding as a guideline for churches, religious communities, political organisations as well as for cultural and sports clubs.


Based on the awareness that living together in an urban community requires the care, the welfare, the commitment of all forces in society and the target-oriented actions of the political community, the city of Mannheim formulated as one of seven strategic targets: “Sustaining tolerance, living together – Mannheim is an example of living together in metropolises.“

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