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    Uwe Bernd Schmidt

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    • K 7
      68159 Mannheim
    • +49 621 293-3235
    • +49 621 293-47-3235
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    Do you have any questions regarding a specific subject? Please contact one of our hotlines

    Obstructions and dangers caused by parked vehicles, wrecked cars, dogs, begging, disturbances, feeding pigeons, etc.
    0621 293-2933

    Building matters
    0621 293-4000

    Town planning and surveying
    0621 293-4001

    Environmental protection/ green/ waste consulting
    0621 293-4002

    Roads, green spaces, cleanliness
    0621 293-4003

    Information about sport and recreation
    0621 293-4004

    Environmental hotline (for acute environmental complaints)
    0621 293-4005

    Citizens’ services
    0621 293-2932

“Closeness“ is more than a geographical advantage in Mannheim. The employees of the municipal authorities will be personally available for you – whether you are a citizen, an entrepreneur or a visitor and whether for factual issues, general matters or an open dialogue.

We can often spare you the visit to the authority because we are close to your needs. Many of the services are easily available to you at the click of a mouse. Come simply closer to us – online or in our offices. We will be pleased to help you.

When using our services, please note that data sent to us by e-mail or by form will not be encrypted. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the data. At the moment the city administration of Mannheim does not use any electronic signature services and so documents and processes which require the written form (which means that a personal signature is required) must be submitted or processed in paper. Please refer to our guideline “Electronic Communication with the City Administration of Mannheim - Access” to find out which prerequisites are required to contact the city administration of Mannheim electronically.