Education offensive

Mannheim’s educational stations are numerous, the educational landscape is multi-faceted. The spectrum ranges from offers in the area of early childhood via an excellent choice of schools and universities, through to a diversity of municipal educational facilities. Many independent institutions but also Mannheim’s cultural scene provide fascinating accents with their own projects and cooperative work. It is the aim of the city of Mannheim to combine all of these offers and facilities, to relate them systematically to one another along the individual biographies and finally to build up a closely knit educational network.

Besides questions of the local development of schools, the department takes care of the conceptual and contextual support of the schools in Mannheim and of the networking of the educational landscape. The main idea is to make more efficient use of the existing educational potentials of the city.

Mannheim participates in the federal programme “Learning on Site“ and in the Baden-Württemberg Impulse Programme “Educational Regions“. Both programmes started in autumn 2009. In close cooperation with the Freudenberg Foundation, the promotional approach “One Square Kilometre of Education“ was introduced for the primary school district of Neckarstadt-West in the school year 2009/2010. The pilot project “Mannheim Support System for Schools“ (MAUS = Mannheimer Unterstützungssystem Schule) shows what precisely tailored cooperation between schools and municipal educational facilities can achieve.