Urban Lab - Mobility, Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Town Hall N1, Toulon room

Urban mobility is a key issue for communal sustainability and the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and its 17 global sustainability goals, the sustainable development goals (SDG).  How do cities deal with the revolution in mobility technology and mobility consumption, which is well under way? How can a city such as Mannheim, where the car and bicycle were invented and which is exposed today to heavy pollution caused by the movement of goods and commercial trade driven by fossil fuels, develop sustainable strategies and quick implementation prospects for sustainable mobility? Which parties involved are asked, which competition within the modes of transport has to be overcome? Does Mannheim need more cycle paths or more electric car charging stations or should the public transport network (ÖPNV) be expanded?
13:30        Start
16:00        End