Urban Thinkers Campus 2016

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Report on the Urban Thinkers Campus within the UN-Habitat III process in February 2016 in Mannheim.

In February 2016, the city of Mannheim hosted an Urban Thinkers Campus as part of the UN-Habitat III process (The documentation of the congress can be found here).

The city of Mannheim was the only European city, along with Paris, Palermo and Stockholm, to host an Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) from 17 to 19 February 2016 as part of the UN Habitat III process and is thus on the global agenda of the UN Habitat III process (see below). Other international UTCs take place, for example, in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Mexico City (Mexico), Nairobi (Kenya), New York (USA) and Stellenbosch (South Africa).
UN-Habitat is the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and thus the UN's housing and settlement programme. Under the title "Habitat" the first World Settlement Summit took place in Vancouver (Canada) in 1976 and as "Habitat II" the second summit conference took place in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1996. In October 2016, the third World Conference "Habitat III" will be held in Quito (Ecuador). The results of the UTC will be incorporated into the conference contents of "Habitat III". Its results will be incorporated into the One World Conference (Lima, 2017).

Draft resolution for the local council as PDF file.