Business location

Mannheim is the heart of the seventh largest conurbation in Germany - the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. As a business location, Mannheim always ranks amongst the first in official rankings. Its central location in Europe and good connections to all transport routes make Mannheim a popular location for international companies. Mannheim can be reached with ease via several motorways, by train, by water and by plane - via Mannheim City Airport and the Frankfurt International and Stuttgart airports.

Within the greater Mannheim-Heidelberg-Ludwigshafen area, there are more than twice as many specialists employed in research as the national average. Mannheim is the top start-up city in Baden-Württemberg. You will find innovative power, highly qualified specialists and university graduates for your company, all here in Mannheim. The city is a lively centre with a wide range of cultural, sporting and nightlife activities, and not just for the 324,468 inhabitants of Mannheim and the approximately 2.4 million inhabitants of the surrounding region. The public squares and attractive parks as well as the nearby Odenwald forest and the sunny Palatinate complete Mannheim's attractive profile as a focal point for a well-rounded life.