Schiller Award

To commemorate Schiller’s time in Mannheim between 1782 and 1785, every other year the City of Mannheim presents the Schiller Award, which carries prize money of 20,000 euros. It was launched in 1954 by the then mayor Dr. Hermann Heimerich on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Mannheim’s National Theatre. It underlines the cultural and political dimensions of the city’s identity. According to its statutes, candidates are considered for the prize who have made an outstanding contribution to cultural development in their entire oeuvre or in a highly significant individual piece of work. While in Mannheim, Schiller had not yet become the national poet or prince of poets, but rather a playwright who sparked irritation and opposition. Therefore the work of the most recent award winners is characterised by its social impact or by a reflection on art and its role, as exemplified by the most recent recipients of the award: Christian Petzold (2020), Uwe Timm (2018), Klaus Theweleit (2016) and Georg Stefan Troller (2014).

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