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    Commissioner of Music and Popculture

    Sebastian Dresel

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      68159 Mannheim
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    The increase in the attractiveness of Mannheim as a music metropolis for the regional audience, the activation of still unused stage potentials, thus an increase in the performance possibilities for the many bands in Mannheim as well as the sustainable strengthening of the local music-oriented gastronomic scene are main tasks of the pop culture promotion concept which is strongly supported by the media as well as by those involved and critical scene experts.

Mannheim sets trends …

… whether in the 18th century by the Mannheim School or whether today by its diverse pop culture.

The multicultural atmosphere of the city inspires fashion, music and art. People from 168 countries make up Mannheim's characteristic appearance. Here is room enough for every lifestyle. And for being different. Mannheim is the cradle of German soul and techno. The borders are fluid, everybody can develop freely. This freedom enables Mannheim to set trends and to attract trendsetters. These facts are proven by the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg and the Music Park, two projects which are unique in Germany. They are training institution and business start-up centre for tomorrow’s music scene. However, the city is not only worth living in for artists. More and more young families and young entrepreneurs are building up their existence here.

The promotion of the music scene is a concern of the City of Mannheim.
The pop culture promotion of Mannheim establishes priorities in the complex areas of the subject. Small-scale cooperation with scene businesses is part of the portfolio of tasks just as the support of and collaboration in the “Internationales Festival für Jetztmusik und Medienkunst”.

Get an overview of the music scene in Mannheim by our list of artists, among others! Have fun!