Mannheim is among the top group of cities which are particularly characterised and perceived by their urban culture and creative economy.

Due to its enormous diversity and the good network of creative economy, Mannheim offers artists an excellent platform and has already established itself as a creative city in the competition between locations.


Culture in Mannheim is …

… colourful, diverse, exciting, experimental, tradition-conscious and never boring. This is guaranteed by the options offered by the local cultural institutes such as the National Theatre Mannheim, the “Kunsthalle” Mannheim, the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums, the Municipal Archive – Institute for History of the City, the Planetarium and state institutions such as the Technoseum. Public und private event organisers such as the “Alte Feuerwache“, the Capitol, the “Rosengarten“, the SAP Arena considerably contribute to the image of the cultural capital. Festivals, often planned in a regional context, the numerous events of privately organised cultural institutions as well as of the local history clubs round off the picture. The Cultural Office gives you an idea of all of these institutions and events by regularly publishing the cultural report.

Cultural education and cultural techniques are provided by the Music School, the Mannheim Adult Education Centre and Evening Academy and the city library. In the tertiary sector you will find the College of Music and Performing Arts, the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg, the College of Technology and Design and the Free Academy of Fine Arts