Mannheim is a good example for educational justice in Germany

The social and economic future of Mannheim is determined by the potential of its citizens. The further development of this potential is one of the most important tasks.


Successful coexistence is only possible, if the educational attainment does not automatically allow conclusions on the social background.


Educational policy is the most important component of social participation. For this reason, the city of Mannheim wants to be a good example of educational justice. In concrete terms this means that each pupil can acquire an adequate school-leaving qualification. No child should be left behind.


By combining the Departments of Education, Children/Young People, Sport and Health to form a “Council of Education“, we created the decisive structural preconditions to engage in activities accompanying the biographies of pupils. Coherent education right from the beginning! We accompany the development of children from birth, to kindergarten, school and all the way to a vocational qualification. The result is a complete education chain which does not only consider the individual sections but also focuses on the transitions.