Georg Pins

The qualified town planner Georg Pins has been a cluster manager for the areas of energy, mobility and production in Mannheim city business development since 2013. Implementing new smart concepts and strategies to benefit society, the environment and economy and implementing these in projects are his important tasks. He is responsible for the step-by-step implementation of the Blue City Mannheim project and is a project manager of the SQUARE flagship project at the Franklin Konversion development project, in which building renovation, electronic mobility and energy production are connected in an intelligent way.
In his role as Managing Director of the Smart Production network, he is promoting digitalisation in production (Industry 4.0), together with around 50 companies, technical colleges and institutions, with the aim of supporting the business hub and associated jobs in the region.
Before his current role, he finished his study program at Dortmund Technical University and completed internships in urban development. He held different positions as a leader in technical management in the Düsseldorf district government.