Urban Lab - Co-creation and Sharing, Urban Thinkers Campus 2017, Town Hall N1, Room Toulon

Co-creation and a sharing economy revive a sense of community, believed to have been lost, such as cooperatives and lending exchanges in a society. Globalisation and its flows of goods and data are changing the world and thus its cities as well. This has an impact on urban society, consumption and everyday patterns of human behaviour and machine-based production. How does a city deal with new consumption patterns and related offers. How does the dialogue change between users of public services and local authorities in their function as the provider of tasks, services and public goods? How can sustainable urban development be shaped positively by co-creative processes and the sharing economy and for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders? To create something collectively and jointly or share the use of garden equipment, cars and flats is back in vogue. Examples of this are cooperatives, flat-sharing syndicates, car sharing, jointly landscaped urban gardens and the creative temporary use in economic terms that is taking place.  In which direction is the global trend going and which of these models is already in place in Mannheim or should be developed here? These questions will be discussed in the Urban Lab - Co-Creation and Sharing.

10:00  am     Start
12:30  pm     End