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    Michael Autz
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    Francesca Avanzato
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“Music makes people – People make music“

That is the motto of the municipal music school in Mannheim and it is the programme of our work.

Active singing and making music has great value in itself which more than justifies dealing with it. The fact that singing and making music has more effects than just the pleasure in musical action has been known for thousands of years.

The Greek philosopher Plato already noted: “For this reason is a musical education so essential; rhythm and harmony permeate the inner part of the soul more than anything else, affecting it most strongly and bringing it grace, so that if someone is properly educated, it makes him graceful, but if not, then the opposite.“ Therefore, the music school of Mannheim wants to reach all children and young people in Mannheim.

Learning to play an instrument or to sing properly is a benefit for the entire life. And since making music together is greatest fun, there are not only qualified instrumental and vocal music lessons at our music school, but also numerous ensembles, orchestras, choirs and bands from beginners up to the top level.

We also have a responsibility to take account of the changing everyday life of children and young people, particularly at school. For this reason, there are already a lot of cooperations in different musical and practical areas with schools providing general education.

These Internet pages provide a lot of information about us and our programmes. Contact us by telephone or e-mail; we will be pleased to assist you. It is our goal that for you or your child singing and making music becomes a natural part of life because

“Music makes people – People make music“


Veranstaltung Musikschulveranstaltungen

Drum`n Bones

  • Musikschule Mannheim, Börsensaal
Veranstaltung Musikschulveranstaltungen

MODERN MUSIC Gesangsklasse Fr. Lola Demur

  • Musikschule Mannheim, Raqum 307

Anna Lehmann, Jugend musiziert-Teilnehmerin, singt bekannte und eigene Songs.

Veranstaltung Musikschulveranstaltungen

Swing im Dreieck

  • Ludwigshafen
Veranstaltung Musikschulveranstaltungen


  • Musikschule Mannheim, Ernst Toch -Saal

Konzert, Ausprobieren, Kennenlernen

Veranstaltung Musikschulveranstaltungen

Sinfoniekonzert JSOM

  • Ilvesheim Park der Vetter-Stiftung