Trade Supervisory Office

The Trade Supervisory Office is a contact point for occupational safety and environmental protection for more than 10,000 industrial, business and handicraft enterprises in Mannheim as well as for the citizens of the city. The Trade Supervisory Office is part of the Department of Construction Law and Environmental Protection.

Within its trade (e.g. chemistry, textile, healthcare, mechanical engineering), each enterprise has an individual contact person in the authority. Enterprises and citizens can contact the employees of the Trade Supervisory Office in all questions of environmental protection at work, occupational safety and the safety of products.

Experts and specialists of the Trade Supervisory Office ensure that regulations on the protection of workers, employees and third parties as well as laws and codes which include targets for the quality of air and water or for noise emissions are implemented. With competence and prudence the employees create a fair balance between the legitimate interests of the population and the employees on the one hand and the operational requirements and particularities of production processes on the other hand.