Creative industry

Music and creative industry location Mannheim

Mannheim is one of the most important competence networks for the music and creative industry in Germany. In 2008 the management consultancy firm “Roland Berger Strategy Consultants“ together with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung“ published a city ranking where Mannheim was listed among the top ten of the creative cities in Germany.

For years now, the City of Mannheim has invested into this growth market with remarkable success. “The Mannheim Model“(Das Mannheimer Modell), consisting of the Pop Academy, the business start-up centre Music Park and representatives of music and pop culture has become known across the country and sets an example. After the most recent expansion, more than 200 employees work in the Music Park in 60 companies generating a total turnover of about 25 million €. Mannheim is the first city to combine culture, economy and social affairs in one department.

Mannheim also sticks out in the areas of graphic design and fashion. The broad range of creative industry enterprises also includes photographers, publishing houses, broadcasting companies, press agencies, (advertising) agencies, architects, artists, IT game developers, game designers etc. By creating the position of a FilmCommission project manager, Mannheim and the metropolitan region have taken an important step to raise their profile as a film city. However, it will still take a long time before all possible potential is exploited. One of the strategic goals of the city administration is: ”Attracting, developing and retaining an above average number of talents“. Mannheim positions itself as an ideal location for creative enterprises by a variety of initiatives, networks and opportunities for new company establishments.