Culture - 05/01/2015

Mannheim - Unesco City of Music

At last an end to the months of waiting: UNESCO, principle cultural institution worldwide, has appointed Mannheim to its Creative Cities Network. From now on the city can bear the name “Mannheim UNESCO City of Music”.

Lord Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz, who initiated the application from the outset, congratulated each and every musician of the city: “The nomination of the City of Mannheim as UNSECO City of Music is the result of many years of committed work by all stakeholders in the City of Mannheim’s field of music. We are extremely proud to be able to bear this title”, said Kurz. Rainer Kern, who led the application, thanked all those who supported the application process with their competence and ideas: “The application’s success is down to an unbeatable management team and can also be attributed to the structures built up by the “Mannheim Model”, already in place for years. That was a great team performance. We can justly say: Mannheim. We understand music.“

The city’s appointment to the UNSECO Creative City Network now enables it to present its musical activities within an international network. On top of this, the network of over 40 Creative Cities scattered all over the world in the fields of excellence of music, literature, film, design, crafts and folk art, media arts and gastronomy, offer Mannheim ample opportunity to gain even more stimulus from outside the city.

The City of Heidelberg, which applied for the UNESCO City of Literature title at the same time, has also been admitted into the network. Thomas Kraus, head of the cultural affairs office of Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GmbH, congratulated those responsible from both cities on winning the title. “The UNSECO awards acknowledge the years of commitment and drive of all parties involved for their relentless work to position Heidelberg and Mannheim as City of Literature and City of Music. Mannheim’s unique competence and support network in the field of music is one to be admired, and great homage can be paid to Heidelberg’s literary landscape, at once future-oriented and firmly rooted in tradition.

For both cities, the title is both an award and an assignment – Heidelberg and Mannheim have committed themselves not only to maintain but also to raise their profiles as City of Literature and of Music, in line with the UNESCO Creative Cities mission statement.

“To be a City of Music is an excellent seal of quality and at the same time its assignment is a responsibility. Baden-Württemberg is proud of Mannheim. In combination with Heidelberg City of Literature, it sends out a strong cultural signal for the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region”, states Theresia Bauer, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Science, Research and the Arts.

Celebrations of Mannheim’s successful application are to kick off today at 8:30 p.m. in the youth center “Jugendkulturzentrum Forum”: The event, named “Musikversteher Vol. 3” (music connoisseurs vol. 3), is taking place upon the forum’s own initiative. Rainer Kern will be discussing the future of the city in the field of music together with Joachim von Hunnius (Brückenaward e.V.), Prof. Udo Dahmen (Popakademie Baden-Württemberg), Prof. Rudolf Meister (Hochschule für Musik & Darstellende Kunst MA) and Prof. Klaus-Peter Kehr (Nationaltheater Mannheim). The event is free of charge and team who worked on the application would be particularly pleased to welcome any musician who brings his or her own instrument, since a jam session will follow the discussion.

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