Environment & Traffic - 23.06.2015

New electrically-powered buses with no charger lead

One bus route in Mannheim will, as from now, be totally electrically operated. As a part of the “mv-primove” research project, two electrically-powered buses which are re-charged cable-free at their bus stops, will be tested and further developed right until they are ready for market.

This has been made possible by a contact-free inductive recharging technique developed by Bombardier in Mannheim. “The buses are recharged in a couple of seconds”, explained First Mayor Christian Specht, who represents Mannheim in the Eurocities Mobility Forum. Seven of the thirteen bus stops along the bus route have been equipped with recharging devices. We have upgraded an existing bus route with this new technology in order to demonstrate that primove-electric buses are in no way inferior to conventional buses run on diesel”, Specht added. “In Mannheim we are also using this new recharging technology, for the first time, for small vehicles such as mini-vans, to the benefit of the city’s logistics as well as private transport. For the overall package, we have succeeded in obtaining a project grant of 3.3 million euros from the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure.”

180 tons of CO2 alone – that is the equivalent of CO2 emissions from 74 cars – will be saved annually by the deployment of both new electrically-powered buses.