Founding, promoting and developing

Starting successfully by MAFINEX / MAnnheimer Förderung INnovativer Existenzgründungen (Mannheim promotion for establishment of innovative enterprises)

Those who want to start a business need support. Since 1985 the City of Mannheim has successfully helped business start-ups in the technology and IT sector putting their business idea into practice. More than 250 enterprises which develop and market innovative, future-oriented products and process concepts or service ideas have been supported so far and thanks to MAFINEX they left the start-up phase and succeeded in establishing themselves on the market. A lot of them have even expanded their business.

Within the framework of the MAFINEX programme new innovative enterprises are advised on technical, financial and management matters. The MAFINEX Technologiezentrum GmbH is part of the MAFINEX programme and the operative branch. It includes the MAFINEX association where all important institutions are integrated, such as the Business and Structural Development Project of the City of Mannheim, the Founders’ Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Crafts, the University and the institutions of higher education, the credit institutions and the enterprises. The network also includes the RWK and the Steinbeis-Transferzentrum.

In Mannheim people with new ideas always find the right contact person. The particular advisory service is the target-group-specific approach. Taken together, Mannheim has a dense network of competence called “Start in the Square” which connects facilities, for example, providing special advice for female founders, migrants or start-ups in the music and media industry, and is able to offer targeted support for the founders.