Mannheim’s citizens are extraordinarily community-minded people and they are supported by the city to a special degree.

The exceptionally high identification of the citizens with Mannheim is promoted by the city and reflected in a broad social, cultural and sportive area of activity. The city develops new forms of action for the civic commitment. It forms the basis of a cosmopolitan and multifaceted metropolis of the future whose lively character is the result of an active municipality.


With about 325,000 residents Mannheim does not belong to Germany’s metropolises – the “Quadratestadt”, which is the nickname of the city and means “City of Squares”, is Second City. However, in the competition between cities it is these smaller cities in particular that overtake the capital and mega cities. Second City does not mean second place any more in the 21st century. In a Second City the relationship between size, diversity and accessibility has not slipped into the negative zone yet. Highly mobile people find the quality of life they are looking for in the Second City. The Second City of Mannheim also scores with metropolitan qualities without tolerating the anonymity and chaos of big cities: Jobs, shopping and leisure facilities are located in close vicinity in Mannheim. Compressed in the “Squares”, a metropolitan variety of goods and services as well as a cosmopolitan atmosphere can be found in Mannheim.