Dr. Peter Kurz

Even during his school days at the Tulla secondary school Mannheim's Mayor, Dr. Peter Kurz, showed an interest in politics and a willingness to get involved socially. He began his law studies at Mannheim University in 1983, which he completed with a doctorate in 1995. He took over the leadership of the SPD local council parliamentary group in 1993. Until his election as Mayor for Schools, Culture, Sport and Hydrotherapy he was a judge at the Administrative Court in Karlsruhe.
He is particularly interested in economic and social policy and making peaceful and tolerant co-existence possible. His way to modernise Mannheim resulted in his election as Mayor in 2007.
Since then, the focus has been on the realignment of local politics towards a city administration that designs instead of administers, local politics based on the citizen involvement and which drives forward the social, cultural, scientific and economic development of the city through the joint formulation of measurable goals. In the mayoral election in 2015 Dr. Peter Kurz was re-elected for a further eight years.